Thursday, March 29, 2012

ella told me....

BAPTISM!!!! on sunday we had our first baptism in rimini! 2 young boys, i already told you about them. Alan and Marlon. they came to church on sunday all pimped out in new suits and new shoes. they were just so excited and so was the dad. The dad recieved the priesthood the week before so that he could baptize them this weekend. Sunday was just a magical day. church was great(although here in this ward church is always great) then we had the baptizm right after chruch, we had some technical difficulties with filling up the font, but all the YM got buckets and filled it up. the water was probably a little bit cold, but we did it anyways. when they got baptized, they came out of the water SHINNING!!!! it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! after ward they both bore testimony about how light they feel and how Happy they are. they bore testimony that this church is the only true chruch and how they came to know that. They bore testimony that they have changed since we started teaching them. then the mom gave the closeing prayer and she was so emotional to see this all happen. it was an amazing baptizm, AMAZING!!!! that and there was a pretty good attendance.

at the baptism we had 2 investigators as well, both of them liked it, one of them was very moved and at the end was a little teared up and gave me a big hug! (she's not one to show much emotion) she cant wait until her baptism. the other one was really happy and peaceful after the baptism, and she wants to keep on learning more and more.

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  1. um, is "pimped out" the appropriate description for a baptism?