Thursday, March 29, 2012

ella told me....

BAPTISM!!!! on sunday we had our first baptism in rimini! 2 young boys, i already told you about them. Alan and Marlon. they came to church on sunday all pimped out in new suits and new shoes. they were just so excited and so was the dad. The dad recieved the priesthood the week before so that he could baptize them this weekend. Sunday was just a magical day. church was great(although here in this ward church is always great) then we had the baptizm right after chruch, we had some technical difficulties with filling up the font, but all the YM got buckets and filled it up. the water was probably a little bit cold, but we did it anyways. when they got baptized, they came out of the water SHINNING!!!! it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! after ward they both bore testimony about how light they feel and how Happy they are. they bore testimony that this church is the only true chruch and how they came to know that. They bore testimony that they have changed since we started teaching them. then the mom gave the closeing prayer and she was so emotional to see this all happen. it was an amazing baptizm, AMAZING!!!! that and there was a pretty good attendance.

at the baptism we had 2 investigators as well, both of them liked it, one of them was very moved and at the end was a little teared up and gave me a big hug! (she's not one to show much emotion) she cant wait until her baptism. the other one was really happy and peaceful after the baptism, and she wants to keep on learning more and more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ella's on the move!

this is a bit of an email she sent me, because she is moving towns!

" im off to Rimini to open the city with sorella simkins(she was in the MTC with me) there were the elders there before and now we are coming in and kicking them out! hahaha. okay so maybe it isnt exactly like that, but sort of. i hear its a beautiful city with a wonderful branch. yup we are going a little smaller now. its gonna be so good. im really excited to be going with sorella simkins. and president also gave us permission to go running on the beach in the morning! im so excited for that! "
she says that she loves treiste and is sad to leave, the people her ward are awesome and she will miss them so much!

we wish her well. please keep sending her your love!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ella this winter

so ella has not moved yet still next to the ocean! but she has changed companion this transfer! but here are a few pictures of her recent life in italy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i hope she wanted me to post all of this ha ha

he everyone i asked ella for an update and she emailed me some for me some for you! i hope i got it right!

ITS GETTING COLD!!!! I HATE PANTY HOSE!!!! yeah, i dislike getting all dressed up everyday with a bunch of clothes, but thats not stopping us from fufilling our duty here in trieste! Trieste is a BEAUTIFUL city, the members are great, they take good care of us, im sure you all know what happens when you have a caring ward....ill leave it at that. My companion is still the same that i had from when i got here to trieste and we are hoping to stay together for 3 transfers at least! we have a bunch of investigators right now, its getting hard to keep up with whats going on with everyone! but i love it, i like to be busy, like you all know. we have been having some great experiences, and also some that were just plain wierd, but whatevers thats what you expect on the mission. im getting used to all the crazies that come up to us wanting cigarettes and money, or worse...., its becoming a part of our everyday life. The mission is more than i would have ever expected, i never knew i would be so blessed by doing this. Sono imensamente grata per questa esperienza è davvero la esperienza piu bella nella vita tranne che per la nascità. Pero, sono ancora emmozionata di tornare e condividere le cose che ho imparato! camunque, non ho tanto di dire, ma, vi voglio bene!

PS: sorry ashley i havent been doing so good at taking pictures of everything i eat, there is a mission rule that we are not supposed to use our cameras on anyother day besides p-day and baptisms...or something like that...but i will tell you one thing, the food here is BOMB! hahahahaha

Sorella ARUME

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello all!

i haven't gotten a post from ella lately but i can tell you that she is doing well in treste! she has a great companion and is on her 5th transfer out of 11! she is working hard and loves the work!

she also sent me a note and she wants us to do something! here is her request!
oh i have a request for christmas, i would like to get a little
book with everyones testimony, and conversion story in it,
everyone in the family, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts,
uncles, everyone in our family! and from those who are not
members, a cool experience that they had with their family this
past year. that would be amazing if you could organize something
like that! love you sis, you rock! =) talk to you next week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

news from ella! aug 2011 from Italia...IM GETTING TRANSFERED!!!!! AHHHH im off to my second city! its called Trieste...look it up on a map..=) yay. its actually where i wanted to go because its the only place where their are sisters near the ocean. and i heard that we can go to venice. so stoked! i sure hope that that is possible. but who knows. I am heading there tomorrow, and guess what?!?! Im getting an italian companion!!! im a little nervous about having to speak in italian all the time, i hear that she doesnt speak on speck of english. so....yep. here we go! soooo. my rein in torino is over. its been a good one, seen two baptisms, and right now we have a pretty good teaching pool. we have about 7 solid investigators, on italian family with 2 children =) im so excited for them. The two kids, one just turned 12 and the other in 20, but this is exactly what we were praying for. we have been teaching the Dad for about 3 months now, and only a few weeks ago we got to meet the family. so stoked for that one! the family is awesome! they are always so happy when we come. im sad to be leaving them. there is also another investigator of ours that is gonna be baptised on the 26th of august. its rare when you find some one that tells you that she's gonna be baptized this month, and then we set up a date just like that! its so great.....although, she was taught and had a baptisimal date 2 years ago. her husband wouldnt let her do it the last time, she is more than ready for it this time! she is super awesome. Then we had our other two investigators Rosa and Isabella, they are awesome. I think within a couple of transfers they will be ready for the water! We have one other person named Villma, she is from peru, she is the hardest working lady ever,. with the BIGGEST heart! she really is amazing, and she loves God so much, we'll see when her baptisimal date will be...i think it could be soon! anyways. we also have 2 really awesome new converts. Yanelys, she is amazing, everyone tells us that too! she has the firmest testimony i have ever seen! She said that she's gonna come visit me in Hawaii. i hope so! hahaha. the Omar, they are having a rough time right now, their daughter Chrismarina is in the hospital, she had a really bad asthma attack. poor thing! she has to stay there for 5 days. we went and saw them yesterday...i have never seen her so depressed and timid. But everything will be okay. the doctors and everything said it will just take a few days to heal up good. but yeps. I will be leaving the city in the hands of Sorella Alexander...she keep this place in great shape! and then Sorella Walton will be taking my place, she is amazing, she was in the MTC with me. Love her. She is the sweetest person, and she really puts her heart in to her work, i know that she is gonna make this place burst!!!! so awesome! so anyways....thats life here. im exctied to be moving on to another adventure!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

another late update

Oh so here is an update on the pictures from our last baptism too! =) me and my comp are very different but we work pretty well together and im really enjoying this transfer. =) we have a lot of great people here in torino, we are teaching like crazy! i hope to stay another transfer but probably wont happen, i've been here for 3 transfers already which is almost 5 months. crazy. so i passed my 6 month mark crazy is that? time has gone by pretty fast, but at the same time not....every day is just another adventure! I really am starting to like this part of Italy. its actually really nice, Torino is one of the better cities to be stuck in. plus the sister missionaries dont get to go to the small cities...=( but its probably better, you can find more people in big cities, when every one has seen you already its really hard to make contacts. Anyways. work is good, we have 2 more baptisimal dates set up for the next transfer! oh and we have been asked to go to the zone leaders meeting and do a 15 min lesson on how we have been successful in reaching 20 lessons every week! im kinda excited to go to the mission presidents home, only 1 set of sisiters gets to go to this once a transfer, not every sorella gets to go to this thing...i feel honored. but thanks to my very driven companion we have this oportunity! =) im happy and healthy...well a little over weight, i dont know how to tell people that i cant fit that much food in my body and still be okay!!!! its just not good how much people eat here!

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..i didn't flip some... sorry -tara